Ideology I-Sman

I-Sman stands for International Social Mutual Aids Network. In I-Sman, we gather liked minded people and form a community where this community will help each other by providing financial aids through crowd-funding concepts.

Every participants in the community will start to make donation by giving a small donation out into the community and in return they will take donation in the future. Within this unique concept, everyone will be benefited at a given specific time.

In order for this community to run in harmony, some principles will need to put into practice :

ONLY Donate your free money to community what you can effort to loose, in I-SMAN community all participation is purely volunteer and there is no guarantee. It is not an investment and extremely risky.

One participant One I-SMAN account. The website and Back Office are just an arrangement of Numbers and Digits.

No multiplication of money, commit when you have real money; I-SMAN has no business grounds and it does not collect any money in order to do any sort of business trade.

Continue to build your network, old participants continue to recommit, and the community will go long with your network.

Do it with joy.

We hope everyone in this community will follow strictly on these 5 principles.

We believe “Together We Will Make A Difference”.