What's I-Sman

International Social Mutual Aid Network (I-Sman) refers to a mutual understanding between the like-minded people of various societies around the globe who participate in this system to give themselves and their families a Financial Freedom which everybody expects in this expensive world of inflation.

What is Mutual Aid Society?

benefit society or mutual aid society is an organizational, or voluntary association formed to provide mutual aid, benefit, or insurance for relief from sundry difficulties. Such organizations may be formally organized with charters and established customs, or may arise ad hoc to meet unique needs of a particular time and place.

Source: Wikipedia

Why I-Sman?

I-Sman is a place for people where they can share their resources among themselves and grow up as a community together, yet living in different continents of the world.

I-Sman is an attempt to rectify the resource of abundance and lack, hence offering a way to re-allocate the resources on the basis of mutual understanding.

I-Sman is Common Man's Fight Against Unfair Global Economy System